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Ismail bey Gutgashinli


Ismail bey Gutgashinli (1806-1869)

Ismail bey Gutgashinli began to serve in the Russian army in 1822. He studied in cadet school in St. Petersburg for four years and 1822 graduated from the school, and began military service as a private on grenadier regiment in Georgia in the composition of Special Caucasian Corps.
Ismail bey participated in Russia-Iran (1826-1828) and Russia-Turkey (1827-1829) wars, and for distinguishing in battles he was awarded with orders. He continued military service after the end of wars, lived in Warsaw for a while on duty. He learned the military case in depth, and promoted from private to major-general rank In 1841 I.Gutgashinli retired and returned to the motherland, and lived and taught in Shamakhi and  Gutqashen.

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