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\"Flawless service\" medal



The description of the medal of For faultless service of 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade 

It was approved by Law of Azerbaijan Republic No 330 – IIQ dated May 17, 2002.
Medal of For faultless service  consists  of round board of 35 mm of  diameter of round form cast from bronze together with narrow board of national ornament. 
Rifles and anchor have been described as crossed in the background of opened wings of eagle in the front side of the medal. 
And eight-pointed star with crescent on the top of the medal and garlands of oak leaves have been placed in the bottom of the medal on national ornament. 
3rd grade of medal is silver color, 2nd grade is of golden color and 1st grade is of golden color, crescent and star is of white color and rifles are of silver color and anchor is of black color.
Its back side of smooth surface, and words For 20 years of faultless service on medal of 1st grade , words For 15 years of faultless service   on medal of 2nd grade, and words of For 10 years of faultless service on medal of 3rd grade were written and eight-pointed star with crescent on national ornament was described. Words Azerbaijan Republic on top along the circle and words Armed Forces on bottom of the medal were written. 
Medal is attached to dress on right angled ribbon of size of 27 mm x 43 mm, with ring and loop. The colors of types of Armed Forces in sequence towards center from edges at olive color background on ribbon with 1 mm width of olive and white color,   vertical stripes of blue and white color of width 3 mm were described. In the middle of olive color there are one golden vertical stripe of 1mm of width for 1st grade of medal and two and three stripes respectively for 2nd and 3rd grade of medal.    
The mould is added of size 27 mm x 9 mm coated with same ribbon with element for fixation to dress.

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