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Philharmonic society



Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society named after Muslim Magomayev
Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society named after M. Magomayev was founded on May 25, 1936 and in 1937 it was named after Muslim Magomayev. 7 collectives function here: the Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra, State Choir, Azerbaijan State Chamber Orchestra named after G. Garayev, the Azerbaijan State Piano Trio, the Azerbaijan State String Quartet, collective named after F. Amirov, the State Song and Dance Ensemble (the collective operating under the auspices of the State Orchestra of Folk Instruments).
Address: Baku city, Istiqlaliyyat str, 2
Phone: (+994 12) 497-36-09

The State Children Philharmonic Society 
The State Children Philharmonic Society was founded in 1991. Here operate Aysel Children\'s Theatre, folk musical instruments, folk dance, pop ensembles, children\'s symphony orchestra, vocal, music, singer classes, dances, and ballroom dance, break dance, fashion theater studios, collective chorus.
Address: Baku city, Basti Bagirova Street, 16
Phone: (+99412) 436 89 56 436 97 82

Ganja State Philharmonic Society named after Fikrat Amirov
Ganja State Philharmonic Society named after Fikrat Amirov functions under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
Philharmonic Society includes  Goy-Gol State Song and Dance Ensemble, Orchestra of Folk Instruments and the State Chamber Orchestra.
Address: Ganja, 135 Atayev Street
Phone: (+994 22) 56-53-21

Nakhichevan State Philharmonic Society
Nakhichevan State Philharmonic Society was founded in 1983, and started its function on the base of  the State Araz Song and Dance Ensemble. Nakhichevan State Philharmonic Society includes orchestra of folk instruments, Chamber orchestra, Song and dance ensemble, Gamigaya  instrumental ensemble.
Address: Nakhchivan city, Nizami street, 19
Phone: (+994) 136 45 68 98

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