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Law on the Flag


The State flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan is a symbol of state sovereignty of Azerbaijan

The State flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan is in the configuration of equal width rectangle  composed of three-coloured horizontal stripes: upper stripe is blue, middle stripe is red, lower stripe is green. There is a white crescent and octagon star image at the centre and both sides of red stripe. Ratio of width of flag to its length is 1:2.
Images of crescent and octagon star are placed in rectangle with sides at ratio 3:4; diagonal of the rectangular is equal to ½ of the flag width.
Image of crescent is in form of two non-concentric circles; diameter of big circle is equal to width of outer rectangle, diameter of small circle is equal to ¼ of the flag width. Centre of small circle is placed at the left side of geometric centre of flag, in the distance equal to 1/60 of the flag width.
Image of octagon star is placed at right side of crescent, diameter of outer circle of star makes 1/6 of the flag width and diameter of inner circle makes up 1/12 of the flag width.
The state flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan and its image shall always conform to coloured and schematic designs attached to these Regulations regardless of its size.


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